The Cottages of Lakeshore

I recently photographed the Cottages of Lakeshore that was designed by Dungan and Nequette Architects.  This is a community that houses injured veterans that prepare them for a better future and thanks them for their sacrifice and service to the military.  The community is located on the property of the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama and features a common area, fountain, grilling area, and six cottages that can house the veterans family.  Aside from the stunning beauty of the design I had the opportunity to experience a great sense of community while I was here.  On my second day of photographing I looked out my window and it appeared it might rain, however, I chose to go anyway in hopes I may capture some great light and as I arrive, no rain in sight.  What I had found was veterans outside with their wives and kids, immediate family members stepping outside on their front porch to take advantage of the cooler summer temperatures, veterans in conversation by the fountain and, children playing ball in the common area.  I believe I experienced true community and witnessed the power of great design come to life.  Its one thing to design a community but when it you see it breath its even more special and you realize this is what great design can do.