Cool Place To Live-Private Residence on Smith Lake

Here is a really awesome house I photographed this summer and wanted to share it with you.  Its located on Smith Lake in Alabama.  I love the idea that architecture never exist in isolation.  Architecture should respond to the site and the site should respond to the architecture.  My earlier post of Silver Rock Cove is a great example of this.  The home featured here does a remarkable and noteworthy job in doing so and the home is in total respect of the natural spring that runs below it which yields two heavy geometric forms linked by a sleek steel glazed catwalk.  I can't help but think of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater design when I see a home honor its environment so well.  The interior is just as amazing.  Art exist to challenge and as artistic statement as this may be to you there is no challenge of comfort on the inside.  Architectural statements have popped up all over the world but it has to serve the resident with comfort and be livable.  Its not easy living in a work of art but when aesthetics and comfort coexist it is truly great.  When walking through the front door your eye is carried outside through a axis door on the opposite wall which overlooks beautiful Smith Lake.  The interior walls are cladded and lines are created everywhere and adds texture and creates visual candy for the eye.  The glass catwalk houses the living room with views of the natural spring and Smith Lake.  The catwalk also has a visual lightness about it that makes one feel as if floating in mid-air.  All rooms have views of Smith Lake and all the walls are painted in a pleasant neutral tone that reflects light so well and soaks ever inch of the room with a soothing white light.

I hope the photographs explain what I could not put into words.