A Thought About Architecture

Its fascinating how much we can describe past experiences in buildings and homes.  I once had a conversation with a fellow photographer regarding his memory of his old elementary school.  He mentioned he could still remember the light that came through a certain window that flooding the room with natural light and also recalled other details of this room in detail.  It's so fascinating how we can remember where doors were, that scary hallway, your grandmothers kitchen, the color of the walls, shape of the room, and so on.  Architecture has a particular way of pointing us to a certain period in our lives.  Its almost as if it adds a little more detail to our memories.  A particular doorway you pass through today may remind you of a door you carried your wife through after your wedding day, or it could bring back thoughts rather forgotten.  Architecture has the ability to usher epiphany, delight, happiness, and on the other hand sadness, fear, and regret.