Cool Place To Live - Private Residence

I recently photographed a private residence last month and thought I would share it with you.  This home is in Southern Alabama on large plot of beautiful land which I believe had three different pastures separated by tree lines and cattle guards.  Finally after literly what seemed  five miles of dirt road you reach the home which is nestled at the edge of a slightly downward hill.  On one side of the house are tall Southern Pines and on the oppisite side there's a very large feild of grass eventually ended at another wooded area of pine.  In between this Southern landscape lies a country home made of honest materials and its color are all earth tones blending nicely- meshing with its surrounding as if its been there for years.  The left side of the home recieved the early morning sun casting golden light into the side porch, front porch, and kitchen window. 

The interior of the home has many great spaces. Each are a very thoughtful composition and also acting as a seamless whole.  The kitchen is a great volume of space and has three facades of glass.  One side recieves the eastern sun and the other side receives the western sun.  The kitchen is joined to another great space- the two story living room.  One out of many things I enjoyed about this space is the wooden staircase that leads to the loft and if I remember correctly there was not even a right angle on the railings.  (The railing was so honest)  The truth of materials is repeated throughout the house whether it be the rock fireplace,  the wooden staircase railing, the wooden headers, or the cedar shake roof.  All materials are how they once were and will always be.  

It was a real pleasure photographing this home and learning something new about architecture.  It always amazes me how architects can create these wonderful spaces we live in with such unique vision and creativity.  Ahh!- What a beautiful house this is and a cool place to live........