A Thought About Architecture II

There is no best time to photograph architecture.
Yes, that statement my be controversial but is there truth to it?  Everyday we see buildings in various kinds of light and weather.  So why not show the real experience to the viewer?  Why should the photographer be confined to time, season, and weather when the approach should be to show the essence of the architecture and its surroundings as it is in everyday life.  I have found that the materials of a building take on different textures in certain directions of light and reflect different colors throughout the seasons and different kinds of weather.  Why not show this?  You would loose this effect if you were only to photograph at 7:00am on a clear Summer day.  Sure, that is a great time of day to photograph but there is so much more to light and architecture.  One of my favorite seasons to photograph architecture is in the Winter when the trees are stripped of their leaves and reveal the homes they've been hiding all the other three seasons.  There is something very minimalistic and structural to trees without leaves which can compliment the architecture in a way if the style permits.  Many people would never choose to photograph a house or building in Winter if they want to glamorize it but I choose to document the life and truth of architecture.  A building lives and breathes and it is important to show that simple little truth.