Railroad Square and Its Beauty Within

The Railroad Square building was built in the 1920's for the National Biscuit Company and now its home to the commercial real estate firm Shannon Waltchack and employee education company Enrollment Advisors.  While studying the Shannon Waltchack office I felt my eyes bouncing around to one material to the other due to contrasting colors and textures of all the finishes.  There was so much excitement with the interior and it felt as if it demanded and ushered an environment of creativity for its employees to a new way of thinking about selling and branding commercial properties.  I could also feel a sense of time here as well.  Original floors where horse drawn buggies would sit for loading, walls of red brick which are pretty common color for Birmingham buildings, and wooden beams were reused for finishes and furniture. Studying the Enrollment Advisors office as you can see was very white which made me feel very clean and organized.  I also loved the way the employees bold color clothing worked almost as works of art against the while walls dancing back and forth performing a ballet of color  while executing routine work tasks.  I also like how the white walls receive the sunlight and reflect and diffuse a very natural and heavenly white light.  You could turn every light off in this office and it would still be properly lit for reading and other tasks.  Railraod Square was a very fun work of architecture to photograph and study and I hope these photographs give insight on what I experienced and felt.If you would like to find out more about this Railraod Square please click HERE