29Seven in Lakeview District & The Node Strategy

 29Seven Project (Above and Below)
I attended a meeting last year that brought forth ideas on a revival strategy for downtown Birmingham.  One theory described a concentric zone process to revive a city.  The idea is not to choose one area of town to renovate but to have small nodes scattered throughout the city that already have cultural significance to build off of.  That idea made a lot of sense to me and apparently it makes sense to many others because you can this process working today in the city.  The new and beautiful Railraod Park around 1st avenue, the in-progress Birmingham Barons stadium, and now a new and really cool residential loft project named 29Seven in the historic Lakeview district.  Its under construction right now and I have seen the renderings and it appears to be a hip place to live.  You are a minute (maybe seconds) from Lakeview's swank nightlife and restaurants and five minutes away from the historic Highland Park area with parks, restaurants, and fine dining.  I believe this strategy works because if a new building is built or renovated then others around should follow suit.  Birmingham, or any city, needs cool and excited places to live, work, and play to bring culture, creativity, and money.  I sense a revival in Birmingham....can I get an Amen?

"Node Strategy"