Almost Wright: Kaden Tower, Louisville, KY

Frank Lloyd Wright is attributed to the design of Kaden Tower located in Louisville, KY, however it was designed by William Wesley Peters who was Wright's protege and son-in-law.  The facades of the tower feature what I think of as concrete waffles.  (Just calling it like I see it)  Nonetheless the facade is absolutely beautiful and I'd never seen anything like this before so it immediately caught my eye.  My immediate reaction was "That looks like a Wright design or if it wasn't it was certainly influenced by Wright".  It's always great when you can determine the designer of a building by the style and this building has Wright's fingerprint all over it.  Kaden Tower is the tallest building in its area and surrounded by trees and shrubbery which makes it looks as if it sits alone in its own world.  Kaden Tower also has an amazing cantilever, a futuristic exterior elevator, and a sub-level pond.  Maybe you have never seen this building before and if not I am thrilled to bring this wonderful architectural gem to you.  If you would like to learn more about Kaden Tower you can watch this video named Renovate Louisville: Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture.