The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte, NC

While in Charlotte I had a few moments to walk the city and from what I gathered Charlotte is a modern city with little traditional style architecture. The City of Charlotte has a strong resume of modern architects such as Cesar Pelli, I.M. Pei, and Botta.  The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is located East Tryon and Levine Avenue and designed by the Swiss master architect Mario Botta.  On Tryon Street alone there are so many memorable buildings and this structure is certainly one to remember.  The gallery is featured on its fourth floor and has collections by Giacometti, Picasso, Ernst, and one the most exciting paintings I had seen in a while by Le Corbusier (posted below) which I studied for half an hour. Yes, that great.

The exterior materials of the building has texture, it has solid and void, along with visual weight and lightness.  The materials of the museum include steel, glass, terra cotta, black granite, polished concrete and wood. The most prominent feature of the Bechtler Museum is the massive fourth story cantilever supported by a cigar-like column.  Another feature of the museum is its large atrium visible on two sides which allows natural diffused light to enter its interior.  I wish I could show you how beautiful the interiors are, however the museum does not allow photography of the art inside.  Hope you enjoy these photographs of this A+ work of art.

 Spirales Logarithmiques
From Mint Museum Toward Bechtler

 Column Detail

Facade Detail