Dixon Road Renovation, Homewood, Alabama

A wonderful and complete renovation of a Homewood, Alabama home you've got to see.  Jason Hale of Birmingham, Alabama did a wonderful job taking this originally unattractive home and transforming it into a quaint single family dwelling oasis.  As you will see below I have paired the before and after photos so you can see the dramatic difference.  You should notice immediately that Jason removed the room that on the front of the house and revealed a welcoming open porch which is great because many people walk in Homewood and it's a great way to get to know your neighbors as they pass by on the sidewalk.  I have noticed that the "front porch" has disappeared over the years and replaced with the pull-in garage which destroys the cultivation of community in my opinion.  For so long the front porch was a gathering place for families and as a result produced social interaction between neighbors building a stronger community.  The exterior is not the only area renovated; the interior is just as great.  Jason removed two walls to make the interior more of an open area from the living to the dinning room and also the kitchen to the dinning.  This is much desired in many modern homes and gives an "open-air" feel to an otherwise closed-in, box-like, itemized interior from the past.  Again, you will see the night and day difference in the photos below.  Jason has also landscaped the area planting beautiful knockout roses and other flowers, newly sodded grass, and he has removed many unwanted old hedges that were close to the house.  The end result is a clean, well manicured, welcoming home waiting to be bought, lived in and enjoyed.  Enjoy the photographs and please feel free to give Jason Hale a call if your interested in a renovation to your own house.  His number is 205-516-0552 and if you would like more information about the Dixon Road renovation please visit www.334dixon.com for more information.