The Cottages of College Station- College Station, TX

The Cottages of College Station is another amazing college community by Capstone Development from Birmingham, Alabama.  Student living has been redefined and all the luxurious amenities you'd think to find at a resort can be found here just miles from Texas A&M.  The community features one of the most amazing pools I've have ever seen with bar islands,  jumbotron television, volleyball, waterfall, and what I consider a wading area.  The pool also has stylish and comfortable Summer Classics furniture in and around the water.  Students can also enjoy a yoga room, tanning bed, sauna, weight room, aerobic room, study quarters, tennis court, media center/game room and many grilling areas around the community. The community was designed by Dungan and Nequette Architects and without a doubt they have designed another great community.  Enjoy the photographs and see how Capstone has reinvented college living.