Bruce Goff's Triaero, Louisville, KY

Here's an architectural gem I thought I'd never stumble upon until I was in the Louisville area and googled "notable homes in Louisville, KY".  Bruce Goff designed a little home outside of Louisville named Triaero which I believe was built in 1941.  The home has a triangular shape and the roof has large overhangs which looks like wings of an airplane.  The overhangs are also louvered and cast beautiful shadows as the sun moves overhead.  The home has triangular windows and triangle geometric shapes around the exterior that fit well with the overall design. There are also a few stone retaining walls at 90 degree angles that are on axis with the angle of the roof.  If you'd like to hear more about the late architect Bruce Goff and his architecture you can follow the link here: click here  There is also a great informational video about Triaero and Wright's Kaden Tower.  Enjoy the photos.