Innovation Depot, Birmingham, AL

I had the opportunity to photograph Innovation Depot last week which is a wonderful piece of architecture in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  As you walk through the building you can see why this is a place to brainstorm, implement new ideas, and be creative with business.  The entire interior is very inspiring and I could really feel the architecture push me to be more creative with my work.  The interiors have many intimate spaces such as the grand lobby in the photograph above and also the sitting area overlooking the City of Birmingham in the distance in the below photograph.  Human interaction is abundant with people coming and going conversing as they pass for a meeting or going to lunch.  I love the use of natural light in this building such as the South facing facade which catch the majority of sunlight through its large windows.  There are also a great number of skylights throughout the buildings hallways that provide a soft light.  The spaces are overall very colorful with reds, yellows, and grey.  Concrete is exposed throughout the interiors and does not come off as a cold materiel but rather lively especially when the direct sunlight hits and bounces off creating a soft glow.  Another thing I love about this space is that it is far away from a traditional office space where cubicles and fluorescent lights fill the conferences rooms and offices.  If you would like to find out more about Innovation Depot you can see their website here- Innovation Depot